A celebration of all things pew-pew-pew, Thunder Wolves is bound for the PlayStation Network on Aug. 13, offering loads of vehicular combat, primarily behind the controls of a locked and loaded helicopter with about a bajillion things on screen to shoot at.

Announced via the PlayStation Blog, Thunder Wolves is an arcade third-person shooter through and through. The vehicles move fast and can turn on a dime, there are enemies aplenty and you've got more than enough ammo to make everything go boom.

A throwback to action games of old, bitComposer Games' PR Manager Daniel Krauss said that Thunder Wolves was designed to recapture the good old days of action and shooting.

“As kids of the '80s, we grew up with outrageous heroes capable of toppling entire regimes without ever reloadig—and as for how those bullets made everything explode...some questions just aren't worth asking,” Krauss said. “At bitComposer Games and Most Wanted Entertainment, we wanted to combine the over-the-top destruction and old-school sensibilities with one of gaming's most underutilized vehicles: the helicopter.”

And the result of that was Thunder Wolves. While the announcement trailer shows off plenty of helicopter badassery, it looks like you'll also be taking control of a tank every now and then. Just like the helicopter, the tank moves fast, can maneuver like a gnat and comes with more than enough fire power to blow up everything on screen.

Krauss goes on to explain that not every game needs an epic storyline, “brotastic melodrama” or loads of padding to fill out that all-important play time.

“Sometimes, we simply have the urge to grab a controller and blow $#!& up from a chopper,” Krauss said. “...In short, Thunder Wolves is a little adrenaline-surge rolled up with the perfect after-work stress relief.”

That's certainly a philosophy many of us can get behind. Sometimes there's no need for story, long cutscenes, characters you can relate to or menus, sub-menues and sub-sub-menues. Sometimes you just want to shoot things and, nowadays, those kinds of games aren't as readily available as they used to be.

As a member of the Thunder Wolves, you'll have access to nine choppers, each with their own perks and minuses, and 13 missions that feature the primary objective of “seek and destroy.” As you saw in the trailer, the game isn't just a shooting gallery. The choppers will let you utilize different types of weapons, including front-mounted turrets, side guns and rockets galore. Local co-op is also up for grabs, letting one player pilot the chopper while the other player does the shooting.

No word yet on a price, but with a PSN release date of Aug. 13, you should expect to get some more details soon.

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