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TimeSplitters Rewind Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video Released

A new video has been released for the community-made project TimeSplitters Rewind. The game is basically a complete redo of the multiplayer of the first three TimeSplitter games and the video covers some extremely important aspects of the design phase of the game as well as some of the legal hurdles and... the PlayStation 4.

The team has labeled themselves as Pantheonyx and they have a ton of work ahead of them, but they also mention that what you see in that video above is from a build that's more than three months old, so it's no longer representative of where they are in actual development.

Having to build all the assets from the ground up and get the game out there is a daunting task. Heck, thinking about the 100+ characters from TimeSplitters Future Perfect is a nail-biting event of tension and fear given that they're planning on re-designing all these assets... from the ground up!

As mentioned in the video, the team is unable to reuse any of the assets from the previous TimeSplitter games because they don't have the legal rights to do so. As mentioned in a previous article, Crytek basically gave the team permission to release a non-commercial version of the game, but they have to do so with a few legal restrictions tied to their gonads.

Michael Hubicka also makes a small post on the official website, where he explains the outline for the next two parts in the video series. The second part will cover whether or not the team will viably get the game ported to the PlayStation 4, while the third part will cover donations and some crowd-funding.

While I would have originally said this could be a long shot – getting the game on the PS4 – given the fact that Sony is extremely progressive in their attempt to get knee-deep in game culture with the PS4, I'm about 100% ready to believe that they would strike a deal with Pantheonyx to get TimeSplitters Rewind on the PS4, if for nothing more than to gain additional brownie points with the modding community, the core indie crowd and the fans of franchises and development studios that have been destroyed during the seventh generation of gaming... also known as the Era of Greed.

Getting back on topic of the video at hand... I like what I'm seeing so far. In terms of functionality and quality the team has it nailed down perfect. And oh my gosh did you see and hear the reloading in play for the Soviet Rifle? That was pitch perfect. They had the ticks per sound to animation ratio executed like a freaking science. Wow that was beautiful.

Anyway, the team has already worked out the layouts and assets for the Ice Station, Neo Tokyo, Training Grounds and the Tomb. Neo Tokyo was definitely one of my favorite stages from Timesplitters 2 even though I absolutely did not like Timesplitters 2 (for a number of reasons). Still, my nostalgia is getting in the way a bit considering that I liked the single-player version of Neo Tokyo... I don't remember the multiplayer deathmatch version of the stage all that much.

The team will continue to work hard on the project and we'll continue to keep you updated on their progress. They're hoping to avoid sending eight years working on the game the way the Black Mesa crew did with their remake of Half-Life, so hopefully things work out for them and they can manage the asset and production pipeline like pros. Best of luck to them.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.