Tiny Brains Arrives On PS4 Dec. 3 As PS Plus Title

They say that big things come in small packages, something the team at Spearhead Games is banking on when it comes to their PlayStaiton 4 exclusive, Tiny Brains. We’ve heard quite a bit about this cooperative puzzle platformer up until this point and, today, the developers have announced a December 3rd launch date for the indie game.

That’s right, we’re only about a week and a half out from the launch of Tiny Brains, the bite-sized PlayStation Network title featuring adorable (if not slightly disturbing) test animals who have decided to break away from their captors and discover a life of freedom.

In order to do that, these miniscule critters are going to need to work together, utilizing their unique abilities in tangent in order to solve puzzles, avoid danger and traverse a crazy lab overflowing with crafty contraptions and deadly pitfalls. Originally planned as a PS4 launch title, Tiny Brains had to be pushed back ever so slightly and will now be arriving just in time for the holidays; Dec. 3, to be exact. According to the announcement from Spearhead Co-founder Simon Darveau, the team has done its best to make the game well worth the wait.

“We finished our very last updates earlier this week and we’re finally done—it feels so weird to write that after Tiny Brains consumed my entire life for more than a year, but it’s true,” Darveau said. “The whole team is incredibly proud to be bringing Tiny Brains to PS4 on Dec. 3.”

Even better news for PlayStation Plus fans in the audience (which I assume is pretty much everyone with a PS4 at this point) is the fact that Tiny Brains will be added to the Instant Game Collection upon launch, making it yet another indie title being given to the PS4 community at no additional charge.

To celebrate the news, Spearhead has revealed a brand new launch trailer for Tiny Brains, which you will find lovingly nestled at the top of this very article. It does a god job of showing off the adorable lab critters working together to solve puzzles, utilizing their various skills to make it through an extremely devious maze.

Tiny Brains is everything that the team originally wanted from a co-op game,” Darveau said. “It follows four tiny lab animals—a rabbit, a mouse, a hamster and a bat—each of whom has been so extensively experimented on as to develop cool psychic abilities.”

These abilities include a telekinetic push ability, an electrically-charged pull ability, the ability to create a chunk of ice at will and a teleport ability. Players will need to master all of these tricks of the trade if they hope to survive.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.