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The centerpiece of the Titanfall Collector's Edition is a handcrafted statue. Respawn Entertainment has released a video preview of this collectible so that you can see what you're paying for.

The statue is 18" tall and crafted from over 300 individual parts. It depicts a Titan with LED lights stalking across the battlefield. Two soldiers are running alongside the Titan. Another is climbing on the mech's back and preparing to sabotage it. The entire scene around the statue is about 16" long.

Players can only get the statue through the Collector's Edition. The limited-run item is individually numbered. Respawn didn't say how many they're going to produce but I imagine that'll depend on demand.

"It's not something that you find in a kids meal. It's definitely a Collector's Edition for the true collector," Respawn's lead artist Joel Emslie says in the trailer. He adds that you should probably reserve a copy as early as possible. He's slightly biased, though.

This statue depicts the core experience of Titanfall. In the multiplayer-only game, players are agile foot soldiers that can wall-run and double-jump across the battlefield. When a timer runs out, they can deploy a Titan and climb in. The Titans have heavy firepower and are fairly nimble but still more sluggish than foot soldiers. If they're not supported by teammates, they can be overwhelmed by ground troops.

The Collector's Edition will cost a whopping $250. The statue accounts for most of that price tag. The bundle's other two extras are a bit more conventional. They include a schematic poster of the Atlas Titan as well as a 190-page hardcover art book with concept art from Titanfall's development. Preview images of the CE's extras are below.

Titanfall will be launching on March 11th in North America and on the 13th in Europe. The game will debut on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Contrary to rumors, the game won't be coming to PS4.

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