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We haven't heard much about the PlayStation Now streaming service for the PS4 since the update regarding the list of games supported by the service. Well, today we have some good news about the launch line-up of the streaming service set for release this summer.

IGN is reporting that at the recent invite-only event they attended, they were told by Sony's Todd Liss that there will be “hundreds of titles” available for the PlayStation Now service.

Of course, Sony also contacted IGN to ensure that they haven't rounded out a final number of games that will be made available through the service, but it's a safe bet that it will be enough to ensure that gamers who find little appeal in the AAA titles due out this summer and fall will be able to fall back on some of the PS3's greatest hits.

IGN's initial figure was actually somewhat backed up by a second, unrelated source. According to PSU, there's a number of PlayStation 3games appearing in the PlayStation 4's digital store.

As noted in the article...
“The listings (discovered by user KingKiio), found by navigating through ‘’Day-One Digital’’, then by selecting ‘’All Games’’ with the PlayStation Store, feature the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, Dead Space 3, and Diablo III. The games in question cannot be purchased or pre-ordered but trailers and ratings can be viewed. Interestingly the list also contains Naughty Dog’s marquee release, The Last of Us, which is due to receive a new lick of paint with a PS4 release this coming summer.”

Now that's an impressive list of games right there. GTA V from the PS3 available for PS4 owners? Diablo III the definitive console edition? I'm sold. The Last of Us that doesn't have to cost $60? Well color me yellow and give me some sunflower seeds; that's the kind of dulcet tune of greatness that hums throughout the chambers of PlayStation 4 owners.

While it's a little late, it's better than nothing.

Backwards compatibility really is a key feature for early console launches and it's such a dire shame that the Xbox One is still the only eighth generation home console with zero backwards compatibility. In fact, by the time Microsoft comes up with anything remotely useful it'll probably be too close to the end of the console's life-cycle, and will end up being worth less than the Zimbabwean dollar.

I imagine that with this news starting to float around out there, Sony might aim to keep this as under wraps as possible until E3, as it's another really big selling point for the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One – being able to buy just one system to gain access to the entire library of both the PS4 and the PS3.

If what IGN is reporting turns out to be true, and the service does launch with “hundreds” of titles, then PS4 gamers will be in for a real treat, as they will seriously help with the library drought throughout the barren summer months leading up to the big holiday season rush.

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