Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is finally making the leap to the PlayStation Network, headed to PS3s everywhere on August 28th. The game released on the Xbox 360 last month and, in just a couple of weeks, PlayStation gamers will be grinding, kick-flipping and falling on their faces after botching a big trick alongside their HD console brethren.

The announcement was made official on the PlayStation Blog with a few words from Robomodo Presdident, Josh Tsui.

“Game development is probably the hardest form of entertainment to put together, and making sure a game plays well across different machines is way tougher than anyone can imagine,” Tsui said. “If there was a 'Make PS3' button, we would've been tempted to hit that a long time ago. But we wanted to take the time to fix a few things and make sure that the PS3 experience is everything it can be.”

Tsui doesn't go into detail as to what those fixes are, but he does highlight many of THPSHD's existing features, as well as pimp the upcoming Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 DLC, which will add some new levels and skater abilities. The game proper features levels from the first two THPS games, as well as a soundtrack mixing songs old and new.

THPSHD adds several new ingredients to the arcade skating stew, including the HD upgrade, new pros to skate as, refined controls, online multiplayer options, over 15 trophies, the ability to qucik restart a level and post your best scores to Facebook.

So strap on your pads, pop on a helmet and turn that punk music up to 11, because classic THPS is finally coming back to the PlayStation.

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