Tony Jaa Is Directly Involved With Ong-Bak The Game

When the news broke last week that an Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior game was on the way there were fits of excitement from martial arts fans and gamers alike. To make that news even more exciting new information has come to light detailing how Tony Jaa himself will be directly involved with the fighting moves and action sequences in the game.

PlayStation LifeStyle conducted a very interesting and informative interview with the General Manager, Kan Supabanpot, of HIVE Studio, the company behind the upcoming Ong-Bak game.

Kan let loose some very interesting tidbits about the upcoming game, including Tony Jaa's involvement, which seems to be rather weighty. According to Kan...

Yes. Tony Jaa himself is involved in this game and it is equally important to tell you that master Panna Rittikrai [Ed: Thai martial arts action choreographer, Tony Jaa's mentor, Ong-Bak director and screenwriter] and his stunt team are heavily involved as he is designing action sequences and fighting moves for this game.

I think the excitement level for this project just reached whole new heights. Also revealed in the interview is that they have recorded anywhere between 20 and 30 different Muay Thai moves made famous in the Ong-Bak movies, but they're still adding more to the game's cache.

From the sound of it, the game may be a PSN or Xbox Live Arcade title, as the GM stated that it will be a 3D side-scrolling beat-e'm-up, which kind of sounds like it will be an XBLA or PSN title.

As mentioned in the news article last week, the game is still scheduled for a late 2012 release and it's definitely headed to North America and Europe, in case you were wondering. We'll be sure to keep you posted on additional news and info as it trickles in regarding Ong-Bak.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.