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Top 100 PS2 Games

Simple enough headline, eh? That’s because this news is more like a heads-up about some of the best PlayStation 2 games to come out of that era…well, it hasn’t ended, but we know it’s drawing to a close. Anyway, the list contains a bunch of fan-favorites and some nice little lost gems.

Slapstic’s Top 100 PS2 Games is a fine piece of work. The exhaustive article has every possible [good] game you could imagine for the PS2. As it’s mentioned in the intro-paragraph, the games are great if you’re just getting introduced to the PS2, or if you just missed out on some of the note-worthy games.

You can check out the full list at Some of the titles on the include Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy X-2 and God Hand, the under-rated comically-inclined action game.

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