On the lighter side of Activision news, the publishing giant announced that a new multiplayer arcade shooter is headed to the Nintendo Wii this March called Top Shot Arcade. It also reminds us why the Wii is still king of the party-games this generation.

David Oxford, Activision Publishing commented in the press release, saying…
“Players will have a blast with friends and family in the wild, fun competition of an arcade shooting game in the comfort of their own home,”. “TOP SHOT ARCADE is packed with arcade style action and over the top humor to keep players high fiving and laughing!”

The game looks like a shooting rendition of Crystal Dynamics Mad Dash, but it’s not like there’s anything wrong with that.

Up to four players can compete in head-to-head competitive mini-games including 75 different shooting galleries spanning 15 different North American locations. There are also 15 additional bonus games. Red Octane (of the now defunct Guitar Hero franchise) designed a shooting peripheral for the Wii that comes included with the game.

Top Shot Arcade is set for release in March for $49.99. You can learn more about the multiplayer shooting extravaganza by visiting the Official Website.

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