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Trials Evolution Origin Of Pain DLC Flips Onto Xbox Today

Despite what you might think, “Origin of Pain” is not, in fact, a documentary on sadomasochism. Instead, it’s the newest DLC for Xbox Live Arcade stunt-a-thon Trials: Evolution, and its available right now.

Look, I’m not here to tell you how to play your games. That “sadomasochism” bit wasn’t a jab at the lifestyle choice. If you want to play your games while dressed like The Gimp, be my guest. Honestly, it looks like Origin of Pain is going to provide hours upon hours of enjoyment for Trials fans, ball gag or no.

On offer is a brand new world to ride through, including 36 new tracks and, for you creative types, more than 100 new items to use in the editor mode. At a glance, Origin of Pain looks like you’ll basically be riding your dirtbike through a dangerous island that would make Uncharted’s Nathan Drake feel right at home.

Looks like a lot of fun, no? Expect the usual assortment of death-defying leaps, awe-inspiring flips, and cringe-inducing crashes the Trials franchise has become known for, now set in a lush, yet devastatingly dangerous, island getaway.

If all of those growling engines and flipping bikes got your blood pumping, then you should probably stop reading this and fire up your Xbox. The Origin of Pain DLC is available now for 400 MP ($5).

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.