This week's latest offerings on the PlayStation Network are a big, eclectic mix as gamers are invited to go on an epic adventure with friends, perform insane stunts on a motorcycle, test their knowledge in all realms of trivia and, perhaps the most epic of all of these options, play backgammon.

Yes, another week is upon us and, with it, we're staring down the barrel of yet another heaping helping of gaming goodness spread across the Sony family of home and portable consoles. There's a little something for everyone here including an epic MMO for the PS4, a lighthearted platformer for the Vita and even some nicely realized classic tabletop games now available in virtual form.

We'll begin our journey through this week's latest PSN harvest with a brief look at Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for the PS4. As many of you may remember, the original FFXIV wasn't exactly a breakout hit. Panned by fans and critics alike, it seemed like everything about the game was rubbing folks the wrong way, resulting in what could have been seen as an utter gaming disaster.

But rather than just write this one off as a lose and move on with their lives, the folks over at Square Enix decided to take another swing at it and, thus, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was crafted in order to dress damn-near every concern players originally had with the game, creating a familiar, yet completely brand new MMO experience.

After receiving much praise and success on the PS3 and PC, FFXIV finally completes the trifecta, making its way to the PS4 this week. As a side note, its servers play nice with the other two versions of the game, too, and you can even enjoy FFXIV on the go with your Vita using remote play.

Another big release this week is Trials Fusion, finally bringing the high-score chasing 2D trick-infused racing game to the PlayStation family of consoles. Trials Fusion will be available for the PlayStation 4 this week in both physical and virtual varieties.

But that's far from all that's being offered up this week. Beyond: Two Souls will join the PS3 virtual library this week as Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars asks the player to win the hearts of a bunch of lovely ladies, have kids with them, then bring those kids into battle in one of the most bizarre RPGs to come out of Japan and arrive on the US Vita in quite some time.

Ethan: Meteor Hunter came out on the PS3 last week and will be bringing its platforming goodness to the Vita this week, while EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, as you might have gathered from the name, offers some soccer goodness on the PS3.

Also arriving this week are No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either for the Vita, That Trivia Game for the PS4, Hyper Crazy Climber as a PSone import on the PS3, Pure Chess for the PS4 and Backgammon Blitz for all three consoles. Check out this week's rundown on the PlayStation Blog for more details. Otherwise, look for these games to launch on their respective platforms alongside the regular weekly update Tuesday afternoon, April 15.

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