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For the longest we’ve basically seen cinematic and overview screenshots and trailers of Tropico 4 but rarely any actual, nitty-gritty gameplay. Well, that all changed today with a brand new set of screenshots featuring some in-depth gameplay and strategy taking place amidst disaster and diplomacy.

The screenshots are actually from the Xbox 360 version of the game so for those of you wondering how the console port will look; it doesn’t look all that bad. What’s sad is usually it’s the PC ports we have to worry about because they get the hack-job treatment and usually turn out looking like grade-A diarrhea.

Anyway, most of the screenshots depict all sorts of environmental disasters taking place, like multiple tornados, a volcanic eruption and other hazardous events that would usually spell disaster for most inhabitants living nearby. The screenshots aren’t all doom and gloom, though, there are some picturesque shots of some beautiful tropical areas and cityscapes.

You can check out the new screenshots for Tropico 4 below or head on over to the Official Website to learn more about the game.