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There are a lot of peripheral companies out there offering a nice range of various accessories and gaming gear for core gamers. According to the NPD for 2011, only one company stood head-and-shoulders above the rest when it came to gaming headsets and that was Turtle Beach.

Bob Picunko, Chief Marketing Officer at Turtle Beach shared some comments about their number one spot, saying...
"Turtle Beach created the console gaming headset category and we have been the leader ever since releasing our first XBOX headset more than five years ago. We are number one because our products are based on the principle that quality audio is a critical part of the video game experience and the market has responded,” ...

“The latest NPD data has shown the strongest growth in the history of Turtle Beach and the category itself. The creation of a dedicated Gaming Headset category and our significant market share is a testament to the quality of our product and the desire of players to have a more immersive audio experience.”

That's right, with more than 50% of the market wrapped around their headset-shaped thumbs, Turtle Beach has breached new marketing territory with their products enabling the NPD to open a brand new category up for headset sales alone.

Turtle Beach had a stellar 2011, though, with a strong line-up of quarterly releases at various price points, granting gamers with a nice cache of headset options to choose from without going broke over the purchase. Also, if I were a betting man I'd probably say their uncanny launch of those Modern Warfare 3 headsets probably played a big part in edging out the competition for that 50% market share.

You can learn more about Turtle Beach and their snazzy line of headsets and gaming peripherals by paying a visit to their Official Website

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