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Twisted Metal is mere weeks from release but developer Eat Sleep Play still has two big tasks to finish before launch. They're planning to release a demo and day one patch for the vehicle combat game.

In a video posted on his blog, Eat Sleep Play honcho David Jaffe said that they're wrapping up work on the demo now. They expect to complete it this week. No word on when it will actually hit PSN, though.

Jaffe said that the day one patch will be small. The team did some playtesting after the game went gold and decided that their work wasn't completely done yet.

"There are a couple of bugs," said Jaffe. "We don’t want to release it buggy. But we’re also doing it for some real final tuning and balance."

"Once you go gold, you have a couple of weeks to really play the game, and me and the QA guys we’re just like ‘you know, this seems a little unbalanced. It would be really cool if this weapon did a little less damage.’ It takes a lot of time to suss those things out."

The team has some larger changes they'd love to make. Jaffe mentioned that they might alter the game's levels. However, they're putting off a major patch for now.

"You start downloading a huge, memory-intensive level and it starts to feel like ‘I just bought this, I just wanna play. If the game is successful enough we’d love to do future tweaks and adjustments to the game, and some of those hopefully will be level-based."

Twisted Metal will arrive on February 14th in the United States and on the 17th in Europe.

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