Twisted Metal Owners Get Axel Tomorrow

On Wednesday, Twisted Metal developer Eat Sleep Play will deploy a free patch for the PS3 vehicle combat game. The patch unlocks the character Axel for all players. Axel was previously available only to players who pre-ordered the game.

Axel's vehicle is essentially two giant tires connected in the middle by the driver in a harness. The Spiked War Wheel ability allows players to steamroll his enemies. The other special, Crowd Control Shockwave, knocks all nearby enemies away.

Overall, Axel has a pretty nimble vehicle. It can jump higher than any other car in the game as well. However, Axel is more vulnerable to enemy fire than his combatants.

In other Twisted Metal news, Lightbox Interactive has released a video previewing the Sweet Tooth multiplayer skin for Starhawk. The skin, based off the psychotic clown who's essentially TM's mascot, will be unlocked through a voucher included with new copies of TM.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.