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The official launch trailer for the PlayStation 3 exclusive, Twisted Metal, is currently alive and kicking and available for your viewing pleasure. Romance never looked so explosive.

Eat Sleep Play's Twisted Metal is a throwback to the original game on the very first PlayStation which featured some of the most intense vehicular combat, multiplayer splitscreen action on a home to Mario Kart 64, of course. Anyway, Twisted Metal for the PS3 is back with a vengeance and a revitalized franchise whose last outing was on the PS2 called Twisted Metal Black.

The launch trailer does a nice job of setting gamers up for all the metal grinding, shell-launching, explosive-causing action that will be presented in the full game. Check out the trailer for yourself.

So how many of you are planning on playing this game with your significant other? Not many? That's not surprising.

Twisted Metal is set for release tomorrow, exclusively on the PlayStation 3. You can pick up a copy for $59.99 and the game is rated 'M' for Mature. For more info feel free to visit the Official Website.

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