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If you're still considering your pre-order options for Prototype 2, then Radical Entertainment has additional information for you. They announced new pre-order bonuses for Amazon and Best Buy customers today.

If you reserve the game through Amazon, you'll get a download code for the first issue of the Prototype 2 Dark Horse comic, 'The Anchor.' Best Buy customers, meanwhile, will get a unique steelbook case for the game. Best Buy previously announced that pre-orders would come with a free Hardened Steel Vehicle Armor upgrade as well.

Regardless of where you pre-order the game, note that you'll be automatically upgraded to the RADNET Edition. The RADNET Edition gives you access to free post-launch DLC. Over 55 pieces of new content will be released through this in-game RADNet.

Prototype 2 will launch on July 24th on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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