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The Division has been on a downward slope when it comes to hype. It was at first one of the most anticipated games of the eighth gen, and now it's just another third-person shooter. Gamers would have had an opportunity to determine just how hyped they should be for the game with the beta, except it's been delayed.

Eurogamer gathered word from Ubisoft that the beta test that was originally planned for The Division has been moved out of its original December window and into “early 2016”.

The article states that there will be a test this month but it will be a closed alpha test for Xbox One owners only. How do you participate in the test? Well, only those who pre-ordered the game will be able to participate in The Division's closed alpha test while Ubisoft will selectively pick a few other users who register for the test to participate as well.

As is typical with most other closed alpha tests, the game will have an NDA in place so don't expect to see any videos posted publicly on places like DailyMotion or YouTube. However, it is noted that videos can be posted to the game's forums for Ubisoft to take a look at, presumably to help them curbstomp bugs and squash glitches before they move The Division into beta.

The game has been under wraps for quite some time. Originally it was a big go-to title for Ubisoft during trade events, but after they opted to stop using targeted rendering for promotional material, The Division took a major hit in the visual department and then proceeded to showcase some of the gameplay to an audience of gamers who have largely become disinterested or underwhelmed in the title.

Part of the problem is that The Division was announced a couple of years ago back when Watch Dogs was the talk of the town, but hasn't really made a lot of progress in the public domain to keep people interested. We've only seen small pockets of gameplay here and there and not enough to justify the wait.

We still haven't seen much of the AI or single-player content or anything related to the story stuff, it's mostly all been small snippets of deathmatch gameplay and some manufactured scenes of tension where one player turns on their teammates.

The alpha build that Xbox One gamers will get their hands on will be fairly hefty, the build clocks in at just over 23GB, so you will need a lot of free space to load this bad boy up.

There are no details on exactly how big the game world will be in the alpha or what exact kind of limitations or restrictions will be in this iteration of The Division, but it's likely that Ubisoft will cordoned off the areas they don't want gamers venturing into while railing them along on the necessary parts to discover any game-breaking bugs and whatnot.

The Division is still an ambitious title and it's due for release in early 2016, so we'll see if Ubisoft can shape up the game to turn it into something worthwhile before it launches.
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