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Game developers have a hard enough time trying to stabilize a decent gameplay atmosphere, come up with an engaging story and work out all the kinks of the actual game. So it’ll definitely come as a sigh of relief for most developers with the news that Mixamo's animation suite of motion-captured and hand animated character animations are now part of the Unity Engine plug-in library.

David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies commented in the press release about the new feature, saying…
“With Mixamo’s service integrated into the Unity Asset Store, game designers can get their characters animated incredibly quickly and without access to specialist animators,” … “It’s a real shift in the whole process – developers are getting custom character animation at a dramatically lower price than conventional means, and they don’t have to wait. In so boldly democratizing creation Mixamo feels like family.”

Personally, I used to enjoy animating characters but when you’re working with just a handful of animations and half a handful of characters to animate it can be fun. It’s not nearly as fun when you’re designing a large scale game with various character types, animals or a world that has its own ecosystem. The added Mixamo’s animation library will make it easy for game developers to access a large cache of animations suited for different types of games and various purposes.

A quick walkthrough of the animation library can be viewed over at the Mixamo Website.For pricing and further information on the Unity 3D Engine, be sure to visit the Official Website.