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Unity Technologies has announced today that they are fast approaching the 1 million registered developer mark for their proprietary game engine of the same name. As it stands they have 750,000 registered developers after being in service for only a year.

David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies commented in the press release, saying...
We’re amazed at how rapidly Unity continues to grow in popularity globally,”... “The continuing growth of the platform demonstrates that when provided with excellent tools, developers will embrace them in numbers that surpass anything anyone imagined.”

Not only have developers embraced the technology but they're feeding Unity quite a bit of profit given the company's cash-shop-esque approach to providing development tools to the community. Developers can peruse through a stash of more than 2,200 different design tools aimed at the needs of carrying out specific tasks.

Nicholas Francis, Chief Creative Officer at Unity Technologies chimed in, saying...

"The Asset Store has proven to be an fantastic way for developers to gain access to benefits that only the largest studios used to have,” ... “I think this is an awesome way for small developers to be able to focus on what they do best and to get work from other creators that complements their skills.”

This also proves that you don't need an over-inflated budget to make a good, high-quality game across multiple platforms. I'm glad the bright minds at Unity Technology has offered this kind of development solution to the community because it definitely opens a lot of doors and cuts down a ton of hassles for bringing creative ideas into the world of interactive entertainment.

Unity supports a wide range of platforms, including Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac, Android, iOS and more. The Unity Engine has powered familiar games like Rochard, and is being used for upcoming titles such as Interstellar Marines. You can learn more about the Unity 3D Engine by visiting the Official Website.

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