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Square Enix has released a lot of videos and screenshots of Deus Ex: Human Revolution in the past year. However, they're also sitting on a motherlode of preview content that you can only unlock through Facebook.

As the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Facebook page, receives more likes, Square will release additional assets from the game. They've got over 90 exclusive updates stored up for this promotion. Wallpapers, screenshots, behind-the-scenes footage and details on the game universe are all part of this stockpile of content.

"Deus Ex has one of the most passionate, vocal and dedicated communities in all of video games, so offering a program that rewards that loyalty -- even before the game is released -- is a great way for us to give something back," said Kyle Stallock, Eidos Montreal community manager. "The Facebook community now has significant control over the release schedule for some of our favorite assets. We have a ton of surprises and unlockables planned, so fans should invite their friends to ‘Like’ the page and start collecting these rewards."

Human Revolution won't be released until August so hopefully these updates will tide fans over.