Strange Loop Games is keeping the content for Vessel pouring out steadily and smoothly, with some brand new gameplay screenshots as well as a new video walkthrough detailing some of the game's more innovative physics mechanics.

Vessel not only has a very intriguing gameplay premise at its core but it also has an equally intriguing art-style to boot. The Victorian style, contemporary steam aesthetic looks really good in the game and it adds an extra layer of artistic flavor to help it stand out not only as an interesting platform title but also as a neat looking indie title, too.

Kind of makes you want to see more, eh? Some of those platforming segments were a little too convoluted for me to make out but I guess that just adds to the game's appeal.

I'm glad indiePub picked up the publishing and distribution leverage for Strange Loop's title because it definitely deserves an audience and hopefully, if it's successful, we can get more games like it.

You can check out the new screenshots for Vessel below or visit the Official Website to learn more. Vessel is scheduled to release on PC starting March 1st. The release date for the consoles is still to be determined.

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