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Have you ever considered using a full-sized car to play a video game? Well, there is a video game controller that happens to be a full-sized car. It was unveiled during this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the video footage of the demo rig speaks volumes for how much fun it could be using a life-sized car as a controller.

IGN did a brief video tour of the Dodge Challenger SRT, which offered actual physical vibrations and feedback based on what was happening on-screen. Check it out below.

And yes, the car itself rocks, rumbles and moves based on what's happening in the driver seat. If you take a sharp turn, the car will attempt to simulate the tilt from the g-force. If you roll off into the grass, the car will attempt to shake and gyrate as if to simulate plodding through the green blades and rolling through the dirt in an attempt to navigate back onto the track's asphalt.

It's a comprehensive bit of technology, all powered by a force-feedback steering wheel and three external monitors running a virtual simulation of the race.

It's not quite augmented reality, not quite virtual reality, and not quite the standard home console or PC gaming experience. It's a strange hybrid of sorts that really calls into question what practical use it might have for the average gamer. Well, technically it has no practical use for the average gamer.

It's a life-sized car, which means that unless you have an empty garage space attached to your house with three televisions in it, it's unlikely that you'll have anywhere practical to actually place the vehicle.

The IGN article doesn't roll out how much the car actually costs, but they do say in the video that it's very, very, very expensive.

The video page and IGN comment section is full of people saying “It's still cheaper than the Oculus Rift,” which will likely become a running joke for any extremely expensive piece of gaming tech. For those of you out of the loop, the Oculus Rift costs $599.99. The high price tag coupled with the extremely steep system requirements makes it a novelty item at best.

However, it is worth noting that if you want a similar experience to what's featured in the video above, you could technically get a game like Project CARS for PC. You could get the X-Rocker 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth gaming vibration chair, which provides vibration and force feedback. And you could get a Logitech G27 Racing Wheel with a realistic gearshift and pedal set. Technically, the combination of these gaming accessories could very well emulate the real-life racing experience and you wouldn't need to knock out a wall to bring a Dodge Challenger SRT into your living room.

Alternatively, you could wait for Sony to release the PlayStation VR and see how well it works with the newest Gran Turismo and get a similar experience as to what's featured in the video at the top of the article.