Just looking at pictures of upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, VizionEck, chances are you never would have guessed that the game is actually a competitive first-person shooter. But that’s exactly what this mostly monochromatic, mind-bending romp is, and now we’ve got some new details to tide us over until the “holiday 2014” launch window.

Teased ever so briefly during E3 2014, VizionEck is a hard game to put into words. Developed by a new indie studio bearing the same name as their debut game, founder and game developer Michael Armbrust has stepped out of the shadows to dish some new deets for this bizarre offering, including the release of a new gameplay trailer that shows off some four-player competitive action. According to Armbrust, VizionEck’s “strange gameplay” is actually centered around the game’s unique art style.

Since screenshots can barely do the game justice, why not take a gander at this new gameplay video showing off the “Ranger vs Ranger” mode, or basically deathmatch, first revealed on the PlayStation Blog.

“The core philosophy of the gameplay is simple: in contrast to the visuals, no gameplay aspects are black and white,” said Michael Armbrust, apparently misunderstanding the meaning of the word, “simple.” He goes on to add that every situation can be approached in multiple ways, depending on how the players choose to best tackle the scenario. “Destroying enemies and surviving is generally good, but there are exceptions. Even self-destruction has positive outcomes depending on the player’s circumstances. This gameplay is incredibly deep and most elements are foreign for traditional FPS gamers.”

Yeah, nothing about anything Armbrust just said sound all that “simple,” but I’d certainly describe it as “intriguing as all get-out.”

Along with the new gameplay video, VizionEck’s main features have also been announced, including online options that boast competitive multiplayer, leaderboards, community unlocks, record books that record the first person in the world to achieve various feats, as well as the ability to spectate live matches from customized angles.

There will also be a splitscreen mode for up to four players, which should make gamers with real life friends very excited. Even better is the fact that splitscreen can be used for online multiplayer, so groups of two or three can fill out their roster with online pals.

Modes include Ranger vs Ranger, Team Ranger vs Ranger, and a one on one Duel mode. Also available is a mode called Retrieval, or basically capture the flag. While only four players can jump into a game on a single screen, the online modes allow for up to 24 players.

Finally, a Map Free Roam mode will let players explore the maps without having to worry about enemies, all DLC will be purchased with currency you earn in-game, and Vizionck also supports full stereoscopic 3D.

That’s a whole lot of awesomeness crammed into a single indie title. Look for VizionEck to hit the PlayStation 4 this holiday season.

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