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One of the things that always bothered me about control schemes is that it seems like there's a lot of giving and taking across various platforms. The one thing that no platform has is a dedicated control method that combines analog fluidity with precision aiming from a mouse (unless you count SplitFish's controllers, which are almost perfect for every occasion.) However, if you like the mouse you have but wish you had better controller support for your left-hand activity, the WASDIO has you covered.

For non-targeting MMOs, first-person shooters and third-person competitive games, the one thing I've noticed is that your poor left hand is working like a horse to graph the expanse of the keyboard to get things done, moving from W,A,S,D, to the F1 – F12 keys to the numerical keys and even I,J,K,L, desperately trying to keep up with the mechanical control requirements of the game.

The WASDIO elements the need for your keyboard globe trotting, putting the brunt of the travel accommodations right there at the accessibility of your hand and fingertips. Check it out in action below.

The only other dedicated PC gaming controller that comes somewhat close is Logitech's G13 gaming board, but even then it's still just keys made convenient for your hand, as opposed to a mechanical control method made convenient for your hand, and that's exactly what WASDIO is.

I don't know how I feel about the throttle-type analog design, but if it's smooth and works then that's good enough for me. I recently noticed how much of a hassle it is playing MMOs using standard keyboard layouts and something like WASDIO would not only help with condensing on the controls for MMOs but also with shooters, racing games and flight sims. What would be really awesome is dual-sticking with a second joystick for Mechwarrior games...that would be like a dream control scheme come true!

You can learn more about the WASDIO or pledge some funds to the project by visiting the Official Kickstarter Page.