WWE All Stars Release Date Announced For Wii, PS2, PS3 And Xbox 360

THQ has shifted a little bit of their focus away from Smackdown Vs Raw at the moment and instead have gone old-school with a brand new WWE game featuring the superstars only. This means you can match up legends like Macho Man Randy Savage with greats like The Rock, Andre The Giant versus Big Show or pit John Cena against Stone Cold Steve Austin.

As stated in the press release…

WWE All Stars will deliver one of the greatest rosters ever assembled in a wrestling-centric videogame. Renowned WWE Legends will align with today’s most prominent WWE Superstars, inviting players to generate fantasy matches and ultimately determine the greatest competitors of all time.

The game features way over-the-top moves and special moves that mimic Acclaim’s Legends of Wrestling series fused with Acclaim’s WWF Royal Rumble arcade game.

You can check out two new debut trailers for WWE All Stars below or head on over to the Official Website to learn more about the game. WWE All Stars is set for release on March 29th for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Wii.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.