The alarm clock of the future is finally coming to U.S. PlayStation Vitas as Wake-up Club turns Sony's newest handheld device into an early morning social experience. Starting next week, we can all experience the joys of waking up with total strangers!

Okay, so those strangers (most likely) won't be lying next to you in bed, but that doesn't mean you can't still technically wake up with them. SCEA Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation Director Don Mesa announced yesterday afternoon that Wake-up Club, a free Vita app being added during the Jan. 15 PlayStation Network update, will allow users to get teamed up with 12 random strangers who have set their alarm clocks for the exact same time.

When your alarms collectively go off, you are officially part of the (drum roll please) wake-up club. When you finally roll out of bed, your avatar will be dancing around the Vita's touchscreen. Simply tapping on said avatar will turn off the alarm, as well as notify your fellow club members that you have indeed begun your day.

From there, you'll be able to see who in your club is still awake or somehow sleeping through their wake-up call. Tapping one of their avatars will add your own to their screen to “cheer them on” through the wake up process. From there, you'll be able to select any of your club members' avatars to learn more about them, add them as a friend, etc. No word yet on if your club members will remain the same every day or if you'll get a new batch of friends every morning.

The app also allows you to check out club records, see how quickly people are waking up, how many times you have woken up on time in a row, select from a variety of alarm noises, etc.

And for those who are curious, the answer is yes, Wake-up Club comes with trophies. That's right, you can now be virtually rewarded for dragging your butt out of bed on time.

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