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Fans of the Telltale adventure game The Walking Dead will have to wait a long time for Season 3. However, Telltale might releasing something else in the Walking Dead universe to tide us over.

Telltale PR man Job Stauffer confirmed over Twitter that Season 3 of the game won't be launching by the end of 2015. In doing so, though, he teased a different Walking Dead release:
It's possible that Telltale will release a DLC pack for The Walking Dead Season 2. Telltale followed up on the first season with an add-on called 400 Days. Rather than continuing the main storyline of Season 1, 400 Days told five interconnected stories that take place in the aftermath of the zombie outbreak. There were some slight connections to the events of Season 1 but these were largely brand-new stories. The characters from these stories then made cameo appearances in Season 2.

I enjoyed 400 Days a lot. Yes, the side-stories didn't resolve the cliffhanger at the end of Season 1 but it had plenty of what I enjoyed about the game: sharp writing and tough life-or-death decisions. It did pretty much exactly what you expect of DLC: it gave me something fun to do while I waited for the sequel.

Telltale confirmed that Season 3 of The Walking Dead is in development two months ago. Today marks the first time they've said anything else about the project.

When Season 2 wrapped up, I expressed hope that the game switch to new cast or setting. My feeling is that there's a lot of other areas of the country (or world) we haven't seen in this zombie apocalypse and I'd love a chance to visit them. If they continue telling Clementine's story, though, I'm curious how they'll do so. There were several very different endings to Season 2 and I'm not sure how they would bring all of them back to the same starting point for Season 3.

It's no surprise to hear that Telltale won't be releasing Season 3 of The Walking Dead by the end of the year. They still have to finish up the remaining episodes Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands, which should take them until the fall at this rate. Their attention is also divided between Minecraft: Story Mode and their recently announced partnerships with Marvel and Lionsgate.

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