Terminal Reality has released the first official trailer for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. The word "trailer" is being used very loosely here. It doesn't have a second of gameplay footage.

Instead, the trailer has brief clips of Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker, the actors who play Daryl and Merle Dixon in the Walking Dead television show. The game stars the two brothers and chronicles their journey through the zombie-infested South. Reedus and Rooker are lending their voices and likenesses to the game. We already knew that, though, so their appearance in the trailer is no revelation.

The only new information in the trailer is the North American release date: March 26th. Terminal Reality confirmed yesterday that the European launch date is March 29th. While it's nice to know when the game's hitting stores, it's a bit weird that TR has yet to reveal an official gameplay trailer for a title just two months from launch.

The only footage we've seen so far are a few clips shown during a web show. A fan pulled the footage from that show and created a compilation video, which news outlets treated as an official trailer. After the negative feedback heaped upon that "trailer," maybe Terminal Reality's feeling a bit insecure about officially unveiling the game?

Or maybe they're waiting for a more opportune time to release a trailer. The second half of The Walking Dead show's third season will start on February 10th. Perhaps we'll see a full gameplay trailer during a commercial break?

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