Other Ocean Interactive has signed Sir Patrick Stewart for their upcoming The War of the Worlds game. Captain Picard will narrate the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN side-scroller.

The War of the Worlds is based on the H.G. Wells novel of the same name. The game follows a man in 1950s London who is trying to rescue his family in the midst of a Martian invasion. The 2D adventure's narrative parallels the plot of the 1953 movie adaptation. However, it also adds a new story arc, character, and subplots.

“As a young boy, I remember watching the The War of the Worlds so many times I was quoting the lines,” said Stewart. “The alien invasion both terrified and fascinated me and the movie has stuck with me since then. Now, being part of this project will provide a new way for gamers around the world to experience a fresh new take on a classic.”

Worlds will arrive on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

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