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The upcoming multiplatform side-scrolling, cinematic-style platform game, War of the Worlds, just received a brand new website as well as a developer documentary that thoroughly explains how passionate the developers are about the project.

When you think about what’s wrong with the gaming industry today, Electronic Arts, Activision and Capcom comes to mind.

When you think about what’s fascinating, interesting, unique and different about the game industry, you might first think of companies like ThatGameCompany, Frictional Games, PlayDead Entertainment or Rockstar. Well, you can add another name to that list and it’s Other Ocean Software, the makers of the upcoming side-scroller, War of the Worlds.

The developer documentary is a real sight to behold because they show off gameplay elements that does something few games focus on: fun, challenging gameplay. It’s the sort of elements and mechanics that made gaming fun way back in the day, with die-hard classics like Generations Lost and Flashback on the Sega Genesis, or Out of This World on the 3D0 (yeah, we’re talking old-school).

The game doesn’t feature the typical GUI found in most games or the casual-friendly regenerating health-meter that has almost become a bane to the difficulty effect in most titles. Instead, War of the Worlds is a simple concept on a two-dimensional plain with a complex design. It looks marvelous and the art-style is visually engaging.

You can check out new screenshots, the dev doc and more info over at the newly launched Official Website. War of the Worlds is set for release this fall on the Xbox 360 and PS3.