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The PlayStation 4 version of Warframe is about to add yet another playable character to the mix, alongside a whole bunch of tweaks and additions to this third-person free-to-play action game that sees players taking on the role of space ninjas (Yes, space ninjas.) in order to save the galaxy.

If you own a PS4 or PC and you haven’t booted up Warframe just yet, you might want to get on that with a quickness. It’s a free-to-play game that does most things absolutely right, including for-play items that simply alter the way your character looks and helps speed up the grinding process. Everything you could ever want in the game can be earned simply by playing at no charge. If you want to get to stuff faster, you can feel free to drop a few bucks every here and there. It doesn’t hurt that Warframe is a very solid action title, either, and that new content is landing on a regular basis.

Take the PS4 version of the game, for instance, which is primed to receive Update 13: Dark Sector in the not-too-distant future.

“This particular update is a true testament to the community-driven game development Digital Extremes has become known for with Warframe,” reads a statement from the developer. “After several months of refining key systems in the game based on fan feedback, Update 13 delivers what they’ve been waiting for, including PS4 specific optimization and customizations.”

Let’s go ahead and skip to the two biggest aspects of the Dark Sectors update, including a brand new Warframe to take control of and a new combat system referred to as Melee 2.0. The new Warframe is called Hydroid and, as his name suggests, this dude is a master of all things water. He looks like a mix between Predator and a cyber-pirate, which is pretty rad in my book, and boasts an array of moves that unleashes the fury of the sea upon his opponents.

And then there’s Melee 2.0, the update I’ve personally been most excited to see come to fruition. Melee combat in Warframe has always been rather lacking, allowing for the most simplistic of combos and charged strikes to lay waste to your foes. Melee 2.0 gives players the ability to rely exclusively on their melee weapons, which can now be augmented with combo chains, stance mods and more. It sounds like it’s going make running into a group of enemies with your sword drawn a heck of a lot more entertaining, which is always a plus when you’re supposed to be cruising around the galaxy as a space ninja.

The Dark Sectors levels are made especially for end game players, giving everyone some tougher challenges to tackle and Clans the ability to battle for superiority over different sectors.

This new update also boasts the requisite content boosts, including new weapons, new attachments, skins, enemies, dojo customization and more.
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