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The demo for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is now available on all platforms. The free sample of the third-person action game debuted on Xbox 360 and PC yesterday and arrived on PS3 today.

Space Marine's demo has two part. In the first section, the player fights off Orks outside a munitions factory. This battle will give you a taste for the game's ranged and melee combat. The second section of the demo takes players to the skies above. They'll fly through the sky with a Jump Pack and unload on enemies below.

In Space Marine, Captain Titus and a small group of Ultramarines must stop an Ork invasion of an Imperial Forge World. Badly outnumbered, the Ultramarines must do what they can to slow the invasion and prevent the Orks from stealing a superweapon Warlord Class Battle Titan. If I know video game storylines like I think I do, the orks are going to get their hands on that superweapon and you'll have to take it down yourself.

THQ will release the full version of Space Marine on September 6th in North America. The European launch is scheduled for the 9th.

Before you spend precious bandwidth on downloading the demo, check out the trailer for it below.