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Warriors Orochi 3 Using IDV's SpeedTree

If you thought Tecmo Koei was just rehashing the latest Dynasty Warriors game or that the newest Warriors Orochi was just a copy and paste job from previous games, think again. Tecmo Koei and IDV announced that both Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi 3 will be Speedtree enabled, so even if the warriors are copy and pasted all of the foliage and trees are not.

For those of you who don't know, SpeedTree is a middleware suite by IDV, enabling artists to quickly and efficiently produce trees and foliage that are also physics-enabled. SpeedTree has been used in many popular products, including Gears of War and James Cameron's Avatar.

Akihiro Suzuki, Producer at Tecmo Koei Games, shared a very brief comment in the press release about using the middleware suite in their games, saying...

“SpeedTree has been essential for both modeling and efficiently rendering beautiful trees and plants,” ... “There is no better solution for delivering fantastic, natural environments to our players.”

While this may not seem like important news, take note that SpeedTree can effectively help game developers render and output a vast number of physics-based trees and foliage with precision and ease. This works in opposition to manually crafting environmental objects from scratch, which can take a lot longer and may not come out looking quite as good.

In addition to this, with Tecmo Koei using SpeedTree for both Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi 3, it means the teams can spend less time worrying about putting together the environment and more time optimizing the game with extra content, moves, characters and playability.

What's more is that Tecmo Koei will continue to use IDV's SpeedTree for many of their upcoming games moving forward. I'm glad bigger companies are starting to rely more on middleware solutions so art teams can focus more on actual game content instead of trying to manually fine tune the physics of a leaf.

You can learn more about Warriors Orochi 3, which is due out on March 20th, by visiting the Official Tecmo Koei Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.