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There's 10 minutes of gameplay that has been published online since Nintendo had allowed game enthusiasts to record up to 30 minutes of Pokken Tournament footage and showcase it to the public. The 10 minutes of footage covers some of the game's settings, Pokemon customization options, and the player profile setup.

Kotaku managed to publish footage of the game in 10 minute increments, so you can check out the first 10 minutes of Pokken Tournament below.

The start of the video mostly just covers some of the game's options. Players can choose which location they head to first or what they want to focus on before jumping into battle. The My Town location is where the video goes first and it covers some of the accoutrements that can be unlocked for characters, as well as how the avatars in the game can be customized to best reflect the look that appeals most to gamers.

It's possible to unlock new clothes and items by playing the game as well as earning new gear using Nintendo's Amiibo. Placing the little Amiibo on the GamePad can unlock brand new clothes and accessories and, according to the video, Nintendo will allow gamers to unlock up to five new items in Pokken Tournament a day.

The video also showcases some of the nicknames that can be unlocked as players battle through the ranks and earn new nicknames based on their ability to win matches and rack up victories on the battlefield.

For those of you worried about learning the ropes of Pokken Tournament, there's a robust practice mode that features a complete tutorial to help you learn all the basics, as well as a neat mode called the Action Dojo. Action Dojo is briefly demonstrated in the video and it teaches you how to perform each of the character's moves, counters and supers. A more advanced version of the mode is called the Combo Dojo, as it allows players to learn more detailed combo attacks and execute higher-level attacks.

Once the video is done doing through the basic options and customization settings, the video then moves into an actual battle through the game's single-player League mode. After battling in a single match, it showcases how players can unlock new points that can be applied to their Pokemon, as well as unlocking a new nicknames after scoring a victory.

Despite only being 10 minutes long, the video covers a lot of different options and possibilities in Pokken Tournament. Fans of the traditional Pokemon games will no doubt love the micromanagement of the Pokemon and the ability to customize and change up their fighter's abilities, while fans of traditional fighting games like Tekken will doubt love the in-depth combo system and the ability to mix and match special moves with Namco's renown juggle system.

Fans of Pokemon and fighting games alike won't have to wait too long to get their hands on Pokken Tournament. The game is due for release on March 18th, exclusively for the Wii U.

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