Next week Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation will be released throughout the world. A Spanish gaming site already has an advance copy of the game, though, and they've posted two long videos to the web.

The gameplay footage starts out from the very beginning of the game. We're introduced to Aveline, the game's all-new protagonist, through a childhood flashback. The story then jumps ahead to her as an adult. She gets in fights, climbs across rooftops and seeks out very high perches - y'know, typical Assassin stuff.

It's impressive how closely the game resembles a console AC title. There don't seem to be any obvious compromises in the visuals. Liberation is said to use the same AnvilNext engine as AC3.

Liberation will hit North America on October 30th and Europe on the 31st. Those are the same days that AC3 will arrive on consoles.

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