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Mega Man games are hard enough to beat on their own. However, one extremely skilled player decided to beat two of them - Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 - at the same time.

In an interesting twist, Aura Puffs played MMX and MMX2 with the same controller. In other words, when one character jumped, the other jumped. When one attacked, the other attacked. He had to focus on both screens at the same time to ensure that jump-dodge in one game wasn't a fall to his death in the other.

When Aura Puffs encounters a boss fight in one game, he keeps the other Mega Man in a relatively safe spot so he can maintain focus on the boss. It still isn't a cakewalk, though. X and X2 have a fair amount of respawning common enemies so he still had to pay attention to both games even while taking down a boss. The only time he really gets a breather is during cutscenes.

The most impressive part of the video happens about 2:39 into the video. He ends up fighting the final boss in each game simultaneously. Each boss has very different attacks so it's no easy feat. He's dodging metal claws and bursts of flames in one game while evading robot minions and a giant digital head in the other. Somehow, he manages to pull it off and blow up Sigma at the same time in each game.

Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 beaten at the same time

It seems only appropriate, then, that the two games' ending cutscenes are pretty much the same too. Mega Man stands at the top of a cliff looking out at the water and muses over his past battles and the fights still to come.

This seems to be the first simultaneous playthrough that Aura Puffs has attempted. I hope it's not the last, though. I'm hoping he tries the feat with more Mega Man games, or perhaps branches into Castlevania next time. It would also be interesting to see this feat accomplished with two games of very different genres.

I also hope this guide considers signing up for the Nintendo World Championships. Nintendo plans to resurrect the gaming competition in time for this year's E3.

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