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When Capcom said that they were making Street Fighter V easy enough for casuals to pick up, I'm sure most people did not have in mind a baby mashing on the buttons of a fightstick and actually being able to win. Well, that's exactly what happened when a baby mashed on some buttons and beat the Story Mode with Birdie.

Kotaku spotted the video that has been making its way around the internet, featuring a young baby that can't even talk, mashing on the buttons of a fightstick and actually winning in Street Fighter V. You can check out the video below from YouTuber Papapaint.

It starts off with the baby punching and kicking F.A.N.G., to death in a somewhat close match. The baby manages to pull off one of Birdie's specials to finish up the match. There's similar results when Birdie takes on Chun-Li, managing to punch and kick his way to victory... nothing special, just the basic button mashing being employed.

The baby then faces off against Karin in the final match, but stops short of winning the match by just one hit. The parents encourage the baby to go in for the kill and win the Story mode in Street Fighter V.

It's a little hard to tell if the baby understood what was going on and if it knew that the game was actually being played or if it was just interested in mashing buttons. The six-month old baby seemed to understand in some way that the buttons corresponded to the characters reacting on screen; a couple of times the baby looks up to see if anything is happening and then proceeds to wiggle the joystick and duck its head down to mash on the buttons some more.

In a way, it's kind of impressive that a baby was able to play Street Fighter V. On the other end of the spectrum it looks kind of ridiculous that a baby was able to play and beat the Story Mode in the game. It makes it look like the game is designed to be a lot more dumbed down than Street Fighter IV.

Even still, the video is pretty funny seeing the baby concentrate enough on the fightstick to pull off a few specials and beat the opponents.

Some of the comments in the thread note that the video may be faked, but the dad in the video wrote in the description that Birdie has a few charge specials that can be executed by holding down a few buttons. In the video we see the baby do this a couple of times to unleash Birdie's charge special.

A couple of other characters have had similar charges throughout Street Fighter's history, so it's not too surprising that the baby was able to pull off a few moves. That's also probably why the dad picked Birdie for the baby to play. When Capcom said they had made the game more accessible, I wonder if they thought that it could be beaten by babies?

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