One of the biggest games set to drop this October for home consoles and PC is Electronic Arts and Visceral Games' Battlefield: Hardline. To help gamers get the feel of the game early on, as well as help improve some of the multiplayer gameplay components and gather necessary player data in the process, the company launched a limited beta for Hardline that allows PC and PlayStation 4 gamers to get right into the action.

Given the difficulty of getting into the beta, there are some gamers who took it upon themselves to live-stream their play-time with Hardline and share their awesomeness with the world.

Lucky for you, there's no need to go searching around for the biggest and best live-streams that Twitch has to offer because they're just one click away. In fact, it's just one play-button away.

We have some of the best live-streams from Twitch running at the moment, embedded into the site so you can see how the action unfolds from the view of various players the world around.

We have feeds from Twitch users such as Ltzonda and Bdutch, as well as other top streamers when some of your favorites eventually log offline.

Battlefield: Hardline is a completely new take on the Battlefield franchise by taking the fight out of war-torn locations with tanks, military helicopters and fighter jets and replaces those elements with the more pedestrian street weapons and gear that you would find in a common firefight between cops and robbers.

Essentially, the game takes a lot of the vehicular co-op combat from a game like APB: Reloaded and combines it with the heist-themed cooperative play from a game like Payday 2. The only difference between Hardline and Payday 2 is that the cops are no longer computer-controlled AI but are instead other players. This means that the action is always fast and furious and equally as unpredictable.

The game has received some harsh criticisms for its graphics, but if you're expecting large enough environments to do GTA-style chase sequences and still experience all the mayhem and levolution from Battlefield and with 64 or more players, then something will have to end up being sacrificed in the process in order to maintain 1080p and 60fps.

As far as gameplay goes... it's not quite as chaotic and organic as APB: Reloaded but it comes close enough for players who would prefer something more familiar like Battlefield, and it doesn't quite sport the gameplay intricacies and strategies of Payday 2 but it offers up measures of tension that comes close to the gameplay experience. Also, the verdict is still out until the game officially drops as to whether or not it will be worth the $60 dive.

You can learn more about Battlefield: Hardline by paying a visit to the official website or you can look for the game to drop at a retailer near you starting October 21st for the old-gen consoles, new-gen consoles and PC.

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