Ubisoft released a new trailer for Watch Dogs solely focusing on the game's hacking mechanics... and not just the hacking mechanics, but how they affect the gameplay and how gamers can use said mechanics to shape and alter the environment around them.

So, by now most people are well aware that Watch Dogs is basically PRISM: The Game. You assume the role of Aiden Pearce and you go about your business of spying on people, gathering or collecting information and trying to... to be honest I don't really know what Aiden is trying to do or what his end-game is. Either way, the game looks like fun since it takes place in an open-world environment and uses some interesting mechanics to manipulate the game world.

Now the one thing we haven't actually seen is live gameplay footage of how the hacking actually works and what the control scheme is like. Still, the promo trailer above gives gamers a nice look at what's possible; infiltrating anyone's personal data just by walking past them or pulling up video feeds to see into their personal lives are just a few of the tools at Aiden's disposal.

Things can also become somewhat more nefarious when you take into account that you can steal from people by hacking into the ATM or cause a massive car pileup by activating various service obstructions.

For now, however, we don't know if any of the things that Aiden carries out will have long-term consequences or if you can just stockpile chaos and then make it all go away similar to losing the star ratings on Grand Theft Auto. It would be nice to see a little bit more about this feature and whether Aiden's notoriety can stack over time.

Using the environment to manipulate gun fights is an interesting thing but I can see that becoming rather gimmicky rather quickly. The one feature that really stood out to me was the citizen intervention feature, where Aiden can pick up on crimes happening throughout the Chicago area and intervene if he so chooses. It's a lot like the “Vigilante” mode in the GTA games where you hop in a car and start doing vigilante missions to earn some coin to clean up the streets of baddies.

Watch Dogs is set for release this October for current-gen consoles and later on for next-gen consoles and PC. Pre-orders, as usual, are available now and probably stacking up rather quickly. If you're torn between whether or not you should get the current-gen or next-gen version of the game, just look at the current-gen trailer then check out the next-gen trailer, and then decide for yourself.

For more information, be sure to pay a visit to the official Watch Dogs website.

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