A new video for Watch Dogs has emerged courtesy of the Russian trade show, Igromir. The video is off-screen footage of Ubisoft's open-world hacking-thriller in action and it showcases the full extent of a mission from nearly start to finish.

The video comes courtesy of Magic Device (and I love their old-school PlayStation intro chime) [via Dualshockers] and we get to see Aiden Pearce go through an entire mission where he has to carry out a task for a nefarious-minded buddy.

It's hard to get a grasp on what's really going on given that the context of the mission seems to be taking place beyond the narrative structure provided by the demo, but that's okay because otherwise there wouldn't be a point playing the game if you already knew everything right from the start.

What we get is a glimpse at various gameplay mechanics on display. We've typically seen Aiden hacking into cameras and causing blackouts. However, here we get to see some other makeshift gadgets such as the proximity mines, as well as using the sniper cover fire to take out guards in a stealthy fashion.

One of the things I thought was pretty cool was the fact that boats are available in the game and that players can swim. I didn't know that boats or swimming were available, but it's cool that they are. I just hope that it's not something that's there as a novelty and not much else. It almost reminds me of the boats in Sleeping Dogs, which were added but rarely ever used or hardly served a purpose. I'm just curious how much time and money it takes to implement complex systems like that and then only use it for a mission or two? Seems a bit like a waste, but hopefully we'll get plenty of ample usage (or at least the option) of boats and swimming in Watch Dogs.

So far, I'm quite impressed with all the gameplay systems in Watch Dogs. The driving is a lot weightier than I thought it would be and that's definitely a good thing... it doesn't seem quite as dynamic as GTA IV but maybe with a few mod tweaks it can get there. The shooting and hacking also look to be fleshed out in all the videos Ubisoft has released, which bodes well for the game's hook of being able to hack just about anything at any time.

The game is set for release across current generation and next-generation home consoles and PC. Also, you can check out another quick off-screen video of the driving in action below.

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