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The official Xbox One E3 2013 conference hosted by Microsoft will be the front and center stage of attention kicking off all the big next-generation news for recently announced console. Microsoft will unveil all 15 exclusives for the Xbox One, including the highly anticipated 8 new IP.

You can watch the conference Live on right now and stay informed about any and all things Xbox One. The countdown has already begun and gamers are already steeped in knee-high anticipation for what Microsoft will unveil to counter all the negativity aimed at them after publicly unveiling those DRM policies.

Things will certainly get interesting as the hour and a half conference will cover all things Xbox, and according to Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, Microsoft will forfeit any long running speeches about TV, TV, sports, TV, sports and more TV. Instead, the focus will be on games, games and more games. It's become a running tagline for the company leading up to what can only be a blockbuster E3 conference – because as we all know anything less than an AAA showing will leave Microsoft in a PR cesspool of anti-consumerism and brand disappointment.

You want your Xbox fix? Well, you can get it by dropping in on the live conference right now over at I sure hope Microsoft doesn't disappoint.

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