What's New In Chrono Trigger DS?

When the Nintendo DS remake of the SNES RPG Chrono Trigger was announced, Square Enix mentioned that there would be new dungeons and multiplayer features. Now, there's finally some specifics emerging.

Someone on NeoGAF forums discovered that the new features were detailed on the Toys R Us website for Japan. Not exactly the most encouraging source but this all sounds plausible - unlike last week's rumor that Microsoft was renaming the Xbox 360 to Xbox Pure.

Anyway, the Wi-Fi functionality hinted at in the game's initial announcement is for a Monster battling minigame. You'll breed up about fifty different kinds of monsters and then enter them into Arena fights. I'm not sure whether this is an online-only feature or if the game will supply A.I. monsters to fight you if you're not online, but either way, winning fights will net you rare items.

The new dungeons are called Dimensional Distortion and Dragon's Sanctuary. The information supplied was pretty vague and it's best to just repost what was written than try to summarize these teasers:

Dimensional Distortion: "A mysterious dungeon suddenly appears. Travel through time to overcome the challenges, and reach the depths to claim a hidden power. Clearing the different parts of the dungeon will affect the End of Time in some way."

Dragon's Sanctuary: "In the last leg of the story, new gates to prehistoric times and the middle ages suddenly appear. Within the dungeon, one will have to complete various requests to continue. The quests gradually increase in difficulty, and you may have to go to a different era in order to continue. Help the reptites to reach the innermost parts of the dungeon. What could be waiting there...?"

When the new dungeons were first announced, I guessed that they were optional dungeons available in the late stages of the game. Nothing here seems to contradict that so hurray for me. Chrono Trigger will arrive on the DS on November 25th.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.