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Deck13 Interactive is working on a new game for the PS4, Xbox One and PC called The Surge. We knew they were working on something but we didn't know what it was. Well, recently, Deck13 revealed a lot more about their game, and shares some of what you need to know about The Surge.

Jan Klose, the CEO of Deck13, who is also doubling down as The Surge's creative director, talked with IGN. According to Klose the game still isn't ready to be showcased to the public via a trailer, but some details about the combat and game setting were made available.

Opposite of Deck13's Lords of the Fallen, their upcoming action-RPG The Surge will take place in the far future. They reveal a bit of concept art showing that the game's main protagonist will have a biomechnical exo-suit of sorts that latches onto his body at various points. It's possible to upgrade the main character similar to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided or Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

The real interesting part about it is that the main character isn't a warrior or a soldier. Klose doesn't reveal what the main protagonist's story is but it sounds a bit similar to games like Soma or the horror sci-fi title Stasis, where the main characters are thrust into a situation where they're not entirely prepared for what's to come. This is definitely an opposite take on a game like Dark Souls or Lords of the Fallen where the player-character is already experienced enough in combat to know how to handle a sword, shield and a few throwing knives.

Similar to Deck13's previous outing, the game will not offer player created characters. You will play through the eyes of an already established character who has his own story. Klose doesn't reveal exactly what the player-character's story is, but the brief mention about the biomechnical upgrades, not being a soldier and having to deal with a deadly and dangerous world where killer robots and machines are about, almost reminds me of a mix of Elysium meets Terminator.

Speaking of the enemies and combat, the game will not focus on ranged combat. It will still utilize combat mechanics inspired by From Software's Dark Souls series. The Surge will require players to think on their feet and battle foes who don't utilize military grade weaponry. According to Klose a lot of the robot (and non-robot?) enemies will utilize industrial grade equipment that they've transformed into weapons. The creative director says that the rest of the team had to get really creative about coming up with weapon designs based on industrial construction equipment. A lot of combat will also focus on dismemberment, as players will have to deconstruct enemies to take them down.

I'm now really curious to see what the combat looks like.

As far as the story goes... Klose doesn't give anything away in regards to what “the surge” refers to but does explain that it has to do with bio-electronics, mega-corporations and “contemporary political concerns”, amongst climate change and human augmentations. It's supposedly closer to BioShock than Dark Souls.

I'm already intrigued and can't wait to learn more about The Surge, which is in development for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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