The new trailer for Wheels of Destruction, the PlayStation exclusive running on Epic's epic Unreal Engine showcases one of the five different vehicle classes on the game that's perfect for fast-paced encounters and edge of your, break-neck speed capabilities.

The Scout class, as shown off in the following video, is excellent for infiltrating enemy territory, taking corners at blinding speeds and zipping in and out of with a flag in tow as if it's nobody's business. What's more is that since this is the first trailer for Wheels of Destruction we get to see a lot of how the game is played and the setup of it all. I'm most impressed with the sort of Time Splitters meets Unreal Tournament meets Twisted Metal presentation. I especially like the Tron motif that the Scout car sports near the end of the trailer. Very sexy.

I have to admit, Gelid Games' Wheels of Destruction looks good. It has less of a deathmatchy feel to the arena structures and more of a racing atmosphere to the layout, which I think is quite unique for a game of this kind, which usually has a lot of variations on a square box or destruction derby pit for most of the maps. As mentioned, the whole Unreal Tournament specifically for vehicles gives it a nice hint of originality.

We'll be able to tell just how original the game will be once it lands on digital shelves for PlayStation 3 users. To learn more about Wheels of Destruction be sure to visit the Official Website.

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