Get ready to bring out your handkerchief and cry some tears of envy, as it was revealed that a brand new color for the Nintendo 3DS has been announced along with a new Monster Hunter bundle pack, all primed and ready to land on Japanese retailer shelves on December 10th.

Not too long ago Nintendo unleashed the flaming red Nintendo 3DS following up on the much needed price cut. Well, according to 1UP Japanese will now have five colors to choose from when selecting a Nintendo 3DS, including Aqua, Red, Black, Pink and White.

In addition to this, Monster Hunter 3G, the latest in the handheld version of Capcom’s immensely popular open-world monster hunting game, will be bundled in with the white 3DS and there’s even a specially customized 3DS with a Monster Hunter 3G logo on the back. It looks pretty sweet.

For those of you unfamiliar with Monster Hunter, it’s basically an RPG that sees you, the player, venturing through a massive world to hunt various kinds of monsters. It’s like a kill-or-be-killed version of Pokemon, and instead of capturing them you’re wiping them off the face of the planet. It’s really fun.

Anyway, over in Japan the new white Nintendo 3DS will retail for 20,800 yen, which breaks down, according to 1UP, to $272. More than likely the bundle will round out to $279.99 if or when it finally arrives in North America.

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