In about a week, the PS3 RPG White Knight Chronicles II will arrive in North America. Sony is bringing players up to speed on the game's story with a new trailer.

White Knight Chronicles II takes place a year after the first game. The Yshrenian Empire is intent on conquering the kingdoms of Balandor, Foria, and Greede. It falls to Leonard and his team of Knights to stop them. While the first game was more of a love story, WKC2 is a much grander tale that is said to give a true finale to the saga.

The North American edition of WKC2 ships with additional quests that were released as post-launch DLC for the Japanese version, which hit stores in July 2010. Also, unlike the Japanese version, the North American WKC2 can be played even if you haven't completed the original game.

White Knight Chronicles II will be released in North America on September 13th.

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