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Midway announced this week that a huge batch of free content would be released soon for the PC and PS3 versions of Unreal Tournament 3. Why were Xbox 360 owners left out in the cold? Well, there's a couple reasons, actually.

Destructoid received an email from developer Epic Games that explained things nicely: "The file size limitations prevent us from releasing it, not to mention we have things like split-screen support (which 360 already has), maps that are already in the 360 version, the integrated mod browser (which 360 doesn’t support)… the list goes on. Obviously, we are big supporters of Xbox 360 (Gears, anyone?) but there are significant hurdles keeping us from shipping the Titan Pack for Microsoft’s platform."

Seems pretty reasonable. It's not the "Xbox 360 is totally weaksauce and can't possible handle the DLC" explanation that PS3 owners were hoping for and it's not the "We're not giving you the DLC because we're too busy preparing a much better surprise" argument that Xbox 360 owners were hoping for. Kind of funny seeing some fanboys engage in a slap fight over this downloadable content considering that the game never racked up very impressive sales. You can check out a full run-down of the content in the Titan Pack here.

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