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The new Legend Of Zelda game was originally set for a vague 2016 release date, but after Nintendo’s report last night, things are looking a little different for Link and his friends. To coincide with the imminent release of the new Nintendo NX console, The Legend Of Zelda won’t be releasing until March 2017. 

Last night, Nintendo released a report that included information on a plethora of topics from the Nintendo NX, to The Legend Of Zelda and the company’s attendance at E3. The report said that in order to allow more time for polishing the game, they have decided to push back both versions of The Legend Of Zelda, meaning both the NX copy and the Wii U copy. This also helps to dispel the previously-mentioned rumors that Nintendo was ceasing production of the Wii U. 

The Nintendo NX is also supposed to release in March of 2017, so that would make The Legend Of Zelda a launch title for the new console. NX is still just a code name for the console, for we still don’t have a lot of information or an official name for the upcoming console.  I am glad to hear that the Wii U is actually not ceasing production and that there will still be new games coming out for the console, because I did just by my Wii U last year. As for the release date, another Gaming Blend writer did mention that the NX and The Legend Of Zelda will miss out on the very important and the very thirsty holiday crowd, but maybe it will diminish some of the competition felt during that time. 

It’s also a little unsettling that Nintendo will only be showing Legend Of Zelda at E3 and has stated they won’t be showing (or announcing?) anything about the NX. I think players were awaiting this “report” last night in hopes Nintendo would clear some things up about the console itself, but alas, we’re still left very much in the dark about a lot of things. 

As for a delay on The Legend Of Zelda game, I can understand that because a need to perfect a game loved by so many takes priority. If you release a game like that haphazardly, you’re in for a rude awakening. 

As previously mentioned, you won’t be able to get your hands on The Legend Of Zelda game until March of next year, along with the Nintendo NX. Hopefully Nintendo will have some sort of information to release in the coming months. 

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