Wii E-vite You To Our Awesomely Catered Party

Nintendo wants the Wii to be a party system. They want it so much that they’ve actually struck a deal with mega-popular party planning website E-vite, in an attempt to get you and all of your friends together under one roof for a meeting of the Miis. But what exactly does one do at a Wii Party?

Look no further than E-vite’s website for all of your party planning needs. Need some phat beats for your guests’ enjoyment? E-vite suggests Game Face by Public Enemy or Stand Up by Ludacris as top tracks. Don’t know what to wear to a Wii gathering? Serious athletic gear for some serious Wii sports is bound to be a hit (a strike if you’re bowling; but yeah, in baseball, definitely a hit). Athletic supporters are optional, depending on the relative enthusiasm level of your guests.

My only major qualm is with their food suggestions. I suppose I can forgive the Welsh Rabbit, as it clearly falls within the realm of Rayman and his Raving Rabbids, but Welsh Rabbit, Stuffed Mushrooms, and Mocha Ice Cream cake? While I’m sure many would agree these are fairly standard libations for a proper Wii gathering, I for one, feel that said party is not truly complete without a bottle of ’86 vintage chardonnay, ripe gouda and yellowtail river caviar. After all, how else is my palate to be appeased whilst I snootily wave my gyroscopic motion-stick through the ether, whacking yon tennis balls to and fro?